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Common Challenges of Halal Certification

Learn about common challenges in obtaining halal certification.One of AHF’s core principles is transparency in our communication with clients. While most companies will not face significant challenges in becoming halal certified, there are...

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US Halal Certification and its Processes

What are the governing dynamics of halal certification in the USA? Learn more about obtaining halal certification in the USA.Halal Certification USA and Its Governing Dynamics What role does religion have in America? As a secular country, it might...

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Halal Certification as a Hedge for Inflation

How halal certification can help companies hedge inflation?The Cobra Effect History is the study of change over time. Invariably specific periods have a more rapid rate of change/impact than others as they contain certain monumental and pivotal...

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The Rise of Halal Cosmetics

AHF has observed a sharp increase in the demand for halal cosmetics and personal care products. This AHF Insight breaks down the fundamental characteristics of this market and delivers specific insight on how companies can capitalize on this...

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