The American Halal Foundation’s efficient system of technical evaluation, auditing, and issuing halal certificates (AHF) allows clients to achieve halal certification, on average, within 3 weeks. Many businesses contact us looking for a quick turn around with their halal certification to hit firm deadlines for proposal submittal, pending government contracts, or other urgent needs. We pride ourselves on being willing and able to do what needs to be done to help you meet your goals.

Yes, products may be added any time during the halal certification period. To add products to your Halal Product Certificate contact your account executive with your request. Your account executive will then guide you to successfully adding the products that qualify as halal to your Halal Product Certificate.

The halal philosophy can be understood in simple terms with the following acronym; “Everything is halal except ABCD IS haram.”

A- Alcohol (ethyl) and all type of intoxicants/drugs
B- Blood – flowing or congealed
C- Carnivorous animals
D- Dead meat – meat that is not slaughtered according Islamic slaughtering rites
I- Food immolate unto idols
S- Swine and all swine derivatives

Although Jewish dietary laws of kashrut share commonalities with halal, they allow for certain ingredients such as alcohol that are strictly forbidden according to Islamic law. Therefore kosher-certified products cannot be considered halal by default

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