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Halal vs. Zabiha: Is there a difference?

Is the difference between the terms “halal” and “zabiha”? Is meat at the grocery store simply “halal”? This AHF Insight delves into the details.Terminology Halal Halal in Arabic linguistically means “lawful.” The opposite of halal is “haram,”...

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Halal Investing Basics and Why Anyone Can Do It

Yes, there is such a thing as halal investing — and a halal economy! We explain halal investing in a nutshell and why you might like it even if you're not Muslim.Yes, there is such a thing as halal investing and even a halal economy. Muslims who...

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Woman cutting yellow and orange peppers on a cutting board
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10 Food Safety Terms Decoded

If you are involved in the food industry or want to understand more about food safety, you should know these 10 food safety termsFood safety refers to the proper handling, cooking, and preservation of food to protect people from food-borne...

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7 Everyday Products You Didn’t Know Were Halal

The halal market is exploding—you’d be surprised at the variety of foods, drinks, and products that can be halal-certified. In a world where you're inundated with endless choices, it’s not always easy to break down whether a product is halal. What...

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