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Halal Certification for Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutraceuticals

Each year, more people are turning to vitamins and dietary supplements to get all their essential nutrients. But with this growing market, halal consumers are still disappointed to see that many vitamins, supplements, protein powders—particularly western-manufactured brands—contain ingredients that do not follow halal compliance. Or they cannot easily differentiate the halal brands from the rest because they have not yet been certified.
Read on to find out how you and your customers can benefit from American Halal Foundation’s (AHF) certification.

Benefits of Halal Vitamin Certification

When consumers take a look at the nutrition label on the back of a bottle of vitamins, they will find a list of what each capsule provides. Depending on the type of vitamin, a person may consume the daily recommended value of Vitamin C without ever eating an orange, or consume two days’ worth of Vitamin K without ever opening a bag of spinach.

But for a halal consumer, they are looking for much more than just serving sizes. They’re also looking to see if their vitamins have halal certification. When you come to the American Halal Foundation to certify your supplement brand, you’re adding a symbol to your product that indicates high standards and trustworthiness to your halal customers. Benefits include:

  • Enhancing your product marketability. With over 1.6 billion halal consumers worldwide (and counting), your product will have a much farther reach.
  • Hygienic and sanitary manufacturing process.
  • Assurance that the quality of the product matches a global standard.
  • Safer, healthier ingredients.

At the American Halal Foundation, we believe that halal consumers should have the ability to follow their special dietary requirements, and that includes vitamins and supplements. They will be able lead a healthy life and reach their goals without having to worry about the ingredients of their daily supplements.

Our Process

As a globally recognized and accredited organization, American Halal Foundation has a 3-step certification procedure, which is both efficient and thorough.

  1. AHF will process each application with no cost, and our team will walk you through the documentation process.
  2. The next step is a facility audit that lasts one day and includes a training session for those overseeing halal production.
  3. After the audit is complete, your products will be internationally recognized and certified as halal.

Aside from certifying halal vitamins, we also certify industries that work with meat, food ingredients, dairy, cosmetics, and more. No matter the industry, American Halal Foundations prides itself on ensuring compliance with halal standards and helping businesses provide wholesome products to their customer base.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain halal certification for your product, our team at American Halal Foundation is ready to help. Start your application online today!

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