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Customers want your products halal certified. American Halal Foundation (AHF) provides time and cost efficient, internationally accredited halal certification solutions to increase trust in your products.

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For over 1400 years, halal consumers have always found a way to adhere to their religious dietary requirements. As each century passed, the food landscape never stopped evolving. At every century’s horizon, innovation changed the way food was produced, processed, handled, stored, and transported. This unparalleled industrialization presented a newfound challenge to the global economy and food and beverage globalization in traditionally halal food and beverage markets. It wasn’t too long before the American Halal Foundation (AHF) stepped up to the plate (literally). AHF began certifying halal products and became a globally recognized and accredited organization whose symbol epitomizes integrity, authenticity, and wholesomeness to all 1.8 billion halal consumers. Today AHF certification provides companies around the world with a symbol of halal that gives consumers the utmost confidence in the food they eat.

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On this Traditionnelle MRT, the dial starts as a solid gold plate. Then, to obtain this concentric texture, it has to undergo an engine-turning process (also named guilloche in French). It is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material, by using an engine-turning machine. wdf replica The first step is to create a master, a large-sized plate on which the desired motif is manually engraved. Then, the engine-turning machine will use the master as a base to replicate in a smaller format this motif on the final dial, by cutting into the underlying material.

Once that said, you won t be surprised to know that both the dial and the hands are also made and decorated by hand, by Kaj. The first prototype here shows a raw metal dial full metal hands, with a hand-made guilloche pattern. Of course, once again everything can be customized, regarding the patterns, the shapes or the materials.

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