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Why Should You Consider Getting Halal Certified?

Here are 3 reasons for you to get Halal-certified:


1. Capture a Growing Market

With nearly 2 billion Halal consumers worldwide and a Halal food and beverage market valued at $1.5 trillion, obtaining halal certification opens your business to a vast and expanding market.

Effıcient Processes

2. Increase Your Sales

Halal certification can lead to significant sales increases, potentially turning a $5,000 investment into returns of 10-20 times for the nuts & dried foods sector.


3. Create a Competitive Edge

Being Halal-certified can serve as a powerful form of counter-positioning against competitors who are not certified. Halal consumers are also surveyed to be 34% more likely to make repeat purchases as compared to the average consumer.

The AHF Difference

American Halal Foundation (AHF) is a leading globally accredited Halal certification provider—with over $1 Billion + in revenue growth achieved by businesses through its certifications.

Universal Consumer Acceptance

The north star of AHF certification is Universal Consumer Acceptance. AHF uniquely certifies to the highest halal standards acceptable to all 2 billion halal consumers.

Internationally Accredited

AHF is internationally accredited and globally accepted. Learn more here.

Client Service

You will receive dedicated account executives dedicated to your success in achieving halal certification and beyond.

Wide Scope

AHF covers every applicable industry, from yogurt to pharmaceuticals, with our halal certification services. You can learn more here.

Efficient and Dynamic Processes

From the application to adding new products to your program, AHF has designed its processes to save you as much time as possible.

Integrative Approach

You have existing quality systems that may meet some halal program objectives. AHF removes the redundancy and seeks to integrate with your systems where possible.

An Efficient 3-Step Certification Process

The American Halal Foundation (AHF) will process your application with no cost.



The American Halal Foundation (AHF) will process your application. Your designated account executive will guide you through the application process to determine the halal status of the facility and its products.
calendar icon5-7 Business Days




Your Account Executive will schedule a halal audit on a mutually convenient day. The audit typically lasts 4 hours and includes a training session for the employees who will be responsible for overseeing the halal production.
calendar icon1 Day




🎉  Congratulations

Upon the successful completion of the halal audit, your products and facility are now officially certified as halal and recognized as such internationally. Your products will bear the most recognized symbol of integrity, authenticity, and wholesomeness in the world. You may add products or facilities at any time by simply contacting your Account Executive.

calendar icon48 hours from the successful completion of the audit process.


Our Accreditations

World Halal Food Council (WHFC) logoWorld Halal Food Council (WHFC)

Global Halal Certifiers’ Council World

World Halal Food Council (WHFC) logoThe Assessment Institute for Food, Drug and Cosmetic, The Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI)

Leading Religious Authority of the Republic of Indonesia

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia logoThe Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)

Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)


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AHF has a solid understanding of the chemical industry when it comes to Halal certification. AHF and their leadership made our transition seamless and have been very cost-effective. They visited our facility for an onsite process audit and we've had zero issues when it comes to having new products evaluated for certification.

Emily Rowlette

Plant Manager
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Halal certification allows our customers to trust our product. We switched to AHF because they were globally accepted and nice to work with. They take the time to understand our process and are very responsive when we have questions.

Renee Al jassani

Quality Assurance Supervisor
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AHF has allowed us to build trust with the world's top Halal Airline Carriers by allowing us to present program details beyond what they have seen from other certification bodies.

Rishi Hinduja

Butcher Packer logo

The efficiency with which AHF works has saved us a substantial amount of time and money. The custom solution that was created for quality controls for halal were logical and made sense in our operational structure and has not created any extreme changes to our process

Stu Blohm

Executive Vice-President
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…American Halal Foundation provided a tailored program around SOPAKCO's very complex military assembly program. Through this effort SOPAKCO was able to prepare a meal configuration that met the US Government's strict standards within the price point required for our contract…

Lonnie Thompson



Are dried fruits and nuts halal?

Generally, dried fruits and nuts are considered halal as they are natural plant products. However, they must not be processed or packaged with any haram (forbidden) substances, such as alcohol or animal-based products.

Which nuts are halal?

All nuts in their natural form, including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews, are halal. Care should be taken with flavored or processed nuts as they might contain non-halal ingredients.

How do I get a halal certificate for my product?

To obtain a halal certificate, you need to apply through a recognized halal certification body. The process typically involves an application, a review of your manufacturing processes, and compliance with halal standards, followed by inspections and audits.

How do you check if a product is halal certified?

To check if a product is halal certified, look for a halal certification mark on the product’s packaging. You can also check the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service for certification details.
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