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Rise of Plant-Based and Clean-Label Halal Food Products

Explore the rise of plant-based and clean-label halal food products, their market growth, and opportunities for food businesses in the evolving halal industry.
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For centuries, halal has been a core culinary aspect to consider for millions of Muslims. Since its inception, halal has primarily meant the consumption of healthier and cleaner food.

Fast-forward 1,400-years – there is now a significant shift in consumer preferences towards healthier and more ethically produced food, all over the globe, subsequently giving rise to the plant-based and clean-label food market.

The global halal food market is also growing – with expectations to reach $6 trillion by 2030. This represents a huge opportunity for food manufacturers to cater to the growing demand of modern Muslim consumers, who may seek halal certified plant-based and clean-label food products.

But, is plant-based halal? Let’s discuss that below. 

Is Plant-Based and Clean-Label Halal?

Islam emphasizes consuming Tayyib, or pure food. Plant-based ingredients readily fall under this category, as do clean-label food products which do not contain the prohibited substances in them.

Therefore, plant-based and clean-label food products are halal if:

  • All ingredients used in them are halal-compliant, free from prohibited substances like pork or alcohol.
  • They are not contaminated with non-halal ingredients during any stage of its manufacturing or processing.
  • Any animal-derived ingredients like enzymes or flavorings used in them are from halal sources.

Therefore, while most plant-based ingredients are inherently halal, meticulous attention to detail is crucial throughout the production chain to ensure their halal certification.

Market Growth

The plant-based and clean-label food market is experiencing explosive growth globally, and the halal segment is no exception. The market growth is driven by several factors, which are:

1. High Market Spending:

The global Muslim expenditure on food and beverages is expected to reach USD 2 trillion by 2024. This presents a lucrative opportunity for plant-based and clean-label halal food products, especially in regions with large Muslim populations or high halal awareness

2. Health and wellness:

Muslim consumers, like their global counterparts, are increasingly health-conscious. Plant-based alternatives offer lower saturated fat and cholesterol, appealing to health-seeking individuals.

3. Environmental awareness:

Sustainability is a growing concern within the Muslim community. Plant-based food boasts a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to animal agriculture, resonating with eco-conscious consumers.

4. Transparency and trust:

Clean-label products, with easily recognizable ingredients, are more likely to foster trust and build brand loyalty among Muslim consumers who are trained to seek clarity and ethical sourcing in all products and services they consume.

Opportunities for Manufacturers

The growing market growth of plan-based and clean-label halal food products presents a substantial opportunity for food manufacturers. Some of the opportunities for manufacturers are:

1. Diversifying Product Offerings:

By tapping the growing market, manufacturers will be able to combine plant-based ingredients with halal compliance, which will consequently result in offering plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, eggs, and honey that are halal certified and have clean labels.

2. Offering a Healthy Product Line

Products that have functional benefits such as immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory, or probiotic properties, are known to derive from natural plant sources. Offering these products can attract Muslim consumers who are looking for more wholesome food products to meet their health standards.

3. Marketing Edge

By marketing products that highlight the environmental and ethical aspects of plant-based and clean-label production, businesses can resonate with the growing population of the modern Muslim consumer, who is also concerned about animal welfare, climate change, and social justice.

Halal Certification for Plant-Based and Clean-Label Products

As the market for plant-based and clean-label halal food products grows, so does the need for credible halal certification.

Check out what halal essentially is here.

For plant-based and clean-label products, halal certification can provide an added value and assurance for Muslim consumers who want to avoid any haram or doubtful ingredients in their food. Moreover, halal certification will also help manufacturers gain access to new export markets and increase their overall brand reputation amongst the growing Muslim population.

The American Halal Foundation (AHF) offers comprehensive halal certification services, educational resources, and industry expertise to empower businesses to navigate the halal space with confidence.

It is important for businesses to comprehend that different countries and regions may have different standards and regulations for halal certification, and different Muslim consumers may have different levels of awareness and acceptance of halal certification.

Therefore, it is recommended that businesses do their research and consult with experts in halal certification before penetrating the plant-based and clean-label food market.

Learn the detailed halal certification process at American Halal Foundation (AHF) here.

Future Outlook

All in all, the rise of plant-based and clean-label halal food products is a sign of the convergence of health, sustainability, and ethics in the food industry. This trend provides a growing opportunity for food businesses to target the growing market of Muslim consumers who are looking for more natural, nutritious, and ethical food choices.

However, there are also some challenges and barriers that need to be overcome, such as halal certification, staff training, and consumer education.

We at the American Halal Foundation (AHF) are a leading halal certification agency that provides reliable, transparent, and professional services to the food industry.

Get in touch with one of our experts here to navigate your future outlook in the growing halal food industry.

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