Employee Training Log Template

This Employee Training Log template by AHF is specifically designed to help you effectively track and manage employee development.

Keeping detailed records of training sessions ensures compliance, identifies skill gaps, and enhances overall workforce performance.

Whether you are onboarding new hires or advancing current employees, this resource is essential for maintaining high training standards and organizational success.

Download the employee training log template below!

Employee training log template

Download Employee Training Log Template


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1. How to create a training log?

A: Start by identifying the training objectives, then create a structured format to record employee names, training dates, topics covered, and trainer details. Use a digital or paper-based system for easy access and updates.

2. What is in the training log for new employees?

A: A training log for new employees includes their names, positions, dates of training sessions, topics covered, trainers’ names, and any assessments or certifications completed. This ensures all onboarding requirements are met.

3. What is the training record of an employee?

A: The training record of an employee documents all training sessions attended, dates, topics, trainers, and outcomes or certifications earned. It serves as a comprehensive history of the employee’s professional development and compliance with training requirements.

4. What do you write in a training log?

A: In a training log, include employee names, training dates, session topics, trainers’ names, duration, and any evaluations or certifications. Additionally, note any follow-up actions or future training needs identified during the sessions.