With the demand for halal-certified products expected to increase by 15% each year, you might be wondering how to get halal certification for your business.

With an average ROI of 11xAHF offers the most easily accessible halal certification services in over 20+ countries.

This guide explores the process of obtaining halal certification in USA, which can be completed in as little as 7 to 14 days. 

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Types of Halal Certification

There are actually many few different types of halal certification, depending on the product you’re getting certified.

Here’s a quick rundown of the three main types in 2024:

Type #1- Food and Beverage:

This is the most common type of halal certification. It ensures that the ingredients, processing methods, and storage of food and drinks comply with Islamic guidelines.

Type #2- Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:

This certification covers things like makeup, shampoo, and lotions. It makes sure the products don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients that aren’t Halal or alcohol.

Type #3- Pharmaceuticals and Supplements:

This type of certification is for medications, supplements and other drugs. It guarantees that they don’t contain any forbidden substances and are produced in a clean and hygienic way.

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Halal Certification Criteria

To get halal certification, you must meet specific criteria. These criteria include:

Criteria #1- Ingredients:

First criteria is that the ingredients must be free from prohibited substances like pork, alcohol, and harmful additives.

Criteria #2- Processing:

The equipment and utensils must be cleaned according to Halal standards to avoid contamination.

Criteria #3- Packaging:

The third criteria is that the packaging used to cover the products must prevent any contamination with non-Halal items.

Criteria #4- Storage:

The products must also be stored separately from non-Halal items to maintain integrity and halal status.

Criteria #5- Labeling:

The halal symbol on products must clearly indicate Halal certification and adhere to local regulations.

Steps to Obtain Halal Certification

Getting halal certification might seem complicated to you, but it can actually be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1- Application Submission:

Begin by filling out the application form provided by AHF. This form will require basic information about your business and the products you wish to certify.

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Step 2- Documentation Review:

Gather and submit necessary documents, such as detailed ingredient lists, production processes, and sanitation procedures. This ensures that all aspects of your production comply with halal standards.

Step 3- Facility Inspection:

AHF’s auditor will visit your facility to conduct a thorough inspection. This includes examining the production process, checking for any cross-contamination risks, and verifying that the equipment and utensils used are halal-compliant.

Step 4- Certification Decision:

After the inspection, AHF’s halal audit team will review the audit findings. They will assess if your products and processes meet the required Halal criteria.

Step 5- Issuance of Certificate:

If your business passes the audit, AHF will issue a halal certificate. This certificate allows you to use the halal logo on your products, signaling to consumers that your products comply with Islamic dietary laws.

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Tips to Choose the Right Halal Certification Agency

With so many Halal certification agencies out there, how do you pick the right one? Here are 4 tips to help you make that decision:

Tip #1- Check Out Their Accreditations:

The most crucial element to cross-check are the accreditations of the halal certification agency. Make sure the agency is accredited by a recognized halal certification body.

Tip #2- Review Their Experience:

The next tip is to review the expertise of the halal certification agency. Choose an agency with experience in certifying the type of product you have.

Tip #3- Evaluate Their Reputation:

Look for an agency with a good reputation in the Halal industry. This is crucial since a well-respected agency’s certification will carry more weight with halal consumers.

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Halal Certification Process Timeline With AHF

Here’s how to get halal certification in a timeline of 7 to 14 days with American Halal Foundation— the leading halal certification agency in North America:

Stage 1. Application Review (3-7 business days)

Once you submit your application, AHF’s audit team will review it to ensure all required information and documents are provided.

Stage 2. Audit Scheduling (Within 3-5 Days)

After the initial review, an audit will be scheduled. This usually happens within a week after the application review.

Stage 3. Audit and Training (1 day)

The audit and any necessary training of your staff are typically completed in a single day. During this time, AHF’s auditors will also inspect your facility and processes if required.

Stage 4- Certification Decision (48 hours)

Following a successful audit, AHF’s audit team will make a decision. If everything meets the halal standards, the certification is usually issued within 48 hours.

Stage 5- Issuance of Certificate

The final step is the issuance of the Halal certificate, allowing you to use the halal logo on your products.

Note: This is the average halal certification timeline. However, depending on the complexity of your products and requirements, the overall halal certification can also take up to between 4 to 6 weeks.

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Q: How does something become halal certified?

A: Halal-certified products go through inspections to ensure ingredients, processing, and storage meet Islamic guidelines.

Q: How to get halal certification?

A: Choose an accredited halal certification agency, prepare documents, undergo a facility audit, and get your product tested.

Q: How long does it take to get a halal certificate?

A: On average, it takes between 7-14 days with AHF. However, depending on the complexity of the products, it can also take between 2-6 weeks.

Q: What is the process of halal certification?

A: Halal certification process involves applying to a halal body, undergoing audits of your facilities and ingredients, and receiving a certificate if everything meets Islamic guidelines.