Halal is the world’s fastest-growing food & beverage market segment with categories like desserts and ice cream experiencing an astounding 203% of growth. In 2015, the global halal food and beverage expenditure was $1.173 trillion. This mostly untapped halal market allows a new avenue of growth for food companies to increase their sales. Certifying your company’s products as halal is your gateway to entering this lucrative market.
American Halal Foundation (AHF) is America’s fastest-growing internationally accredited Halal certification agency for a reason. AHF has built an unparalleled deep consumer trust in our symbol and certification. We guide companies into this market through certification, product development, and marketing.

Efficient: Halal certification has never been more efficient. At AHF, we strive to make halal certification as cost and time efficient as possible. Our account executives work closely with your existing regulatory framework to make halal certification as seamless as possible. With AHF, you can achieve halal certification, in as little as two weeks.

Tailored Approach: AHF understands that no two clients halal needs are identical. We strive to create tailored solutions for your company to fit the existing regulatory framework. Your assigned account executive is there to help you throughout the process and beyond.

Recognized & Accredited: The AHF halal logo has built strong consumer confidence in our symbol and certification. Our logo stands as a verification of the product’s complete compliance with halal standards. AHF is internationally accredited, and its certificate is recognized in every importing region around the world.

Broad Scope: AHF certification has an expansive scope that covers industries in addition to the traditional food & beverage manufacturers such as chemical manufacturers, food service providers, correctional facilities, and universities.

Innovative: At AHF, we are always looking at how to create halal solutions with the industry’s latest opportunities and challenges.

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“…American Halal Foundation provided a tailored program around SOPAKCO’s very complex military assembly program. Through this effort SOPAKCO was able to prepare a meal configuration that met the US Government’s strict standards within the price point required for our contract…”

Lonnie Thompson
President, SOPAKCO

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